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Beeramguda: The perfect destination for residential living.

Updated: May 7

luxury villas in beeramguda

Beeramguda, located in Northwestern Hyderabad, has become a popular area in recent times. It offers various types of properties such as apartments, houses, and villas, making it an attractive choice for both middle-income and high-income home buyers. It's like a new paradise for them.

There's a home available for everyone, regardless of their budget. The new housing developments are striving to meet the needs of a modern generation of buyers who desire more than just basic shelter. The prices for properties of various sizes are also quite competitive.

  • Villas within a gated community usually cost between 1 crore to 2.5 crore. You can find 3 BHK, 4 BHK, and 5 BHK villas for sale.

  • Independent houses are priced similarly, ranging from 1 crore to 2.5 crore, based on the villa's purchase. The Green Tech project offers villas in Beeramguda.

Despite the price range, property buyers are not sacrificing any amenities available to them.

  • The water supply, including municipal and groundwater, is nearly continuous, almost 24/7. Additionally, there are no problems with the power supply.

  • Numerous housing projects in Beeramguda provide underground drainage, wastewater treatment, and recycling plant facilities, offering an environmentally friendly method for waste disposal.

  • The region is fully prepared to meet the needs of families of all ages, including seniors, young adults, and children, with all necessary amenities available.

  • The villa projects in Beeramguda are conveniently reachable via various modes of public transportation. The infrastructure is well-established, with CC roads, ring roads, flyovers, bus depots, metro stations, and local railway services all available. Miyapur and Lingampally, are the closest metro stations, while the Krishna Reddy Peta bus stop is also nearby. Thus, commuting to work on a daily basis is never a problem.

  • The majority of apartments and villa projects in Beeramguda have received approval from the GHMC, allowing residents to secure housing loans from various nationalized and private banks.

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The majority of apartments and villa projects in Beeramguda have received approval from the GHMC, allowing residents to secure housing loans from various nationalized and private banks.

The Green Tech project by Sri Aditya Squares offers luxurious duplex and triplex villas for sale in Beeramguda. It's a standout project in Hyderabad amidst many other housing developments in the area. This flagship project caters to high-net-worth individuals and upper-middle-class property buyers.

villa projects in beeramguda

Being one of the premier villa projects in Hyderabad, it stands out uniquely in this area, equipped with all the modern amenities and features one desires. Additionally, these villas have obtained GHMC approval and are compliant with Vaastu principles.

The eco-friendly layout and landscaping, based on horticulture, have been carefully planned to improve the beauty and maintain the peacefulness of the area.

Adding to the mentioned features of certain duplex villas in Beeramguda are modern facilities such as a clubhouse, amphitheater, well-paved internal roads with VDF topping, and an underground drainage system, ensuring a balanced and up-to-date living experience.

beeramguda clubhouse

gated community villas in beeramguda

Imagine you're someone who loves fitness and sports. You'll find plenty of amenities here to help you stay active, including a jogging track, tennis court, basketball court, badminton court, cycling track, cricket net practice area with a simulator, rooftop swimming pool, and much more.

If you enjoy socializing and hosting gatherings, you'll appreciate the amenities like the party lawn, air-conditioned multipurpose hall, and guest house. Whether it's a small event, birthday celebration, or professional meeting, this area is fully equipped and staffed to assist with all arrangements. Additionally, there's a communal workspace available for sharing within the community.

When purchasing a home, buyers often prefer it to be close to their workplace to save time and money on commuting. Villas in Patancheruvu ensure that property buyers have easy access to transportation options at all times.

These spacious Duplex and Triplex villas provide residents with a luxurious lifestyle. Furthermore, if you desire the safety of a gated community, these duplex and triplex villas in Beeramguda, Hyderabad, are the perfect option. This allows you to enjoy both the privacy of your own property and the benefits of community living, including safety and enjoyment.

The purchase price and the cost per square feet charged are very competitive when compared to its peer projects. A typical duplex villa of 2392 available for 1.43 crore, a triplex of 4173 around INR 2.50 crore.

The villas are equipped with a range of modern and advanced amenities. Whether it's the bathroom fittings, flooring, fire safety measures, woodwork, outdoor features, or building materials used, every detail has been meticulously designed to showcase luxury and ensure maximum comfort.

As infrastructure projects continue to develop nearby, property values are anticipated to rise in the foreseeable future. Therefore, if you're considering purchasing a villa in Beeramguda, this area presents a promising investment opportunity. Rental demand is also strong in this region, offering real estate investors the potential for lucrative returns through rental income.

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