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About Sri Aditya Squares N

Sri Aditya Squares N is a modern real estate company that embraces the idea of thinking globally while acting locally, aiming to reshape Hyderabad's real estate scene. We blend international expertise with local insights to create impactful buildings.

Beyond erecting buildings, our focus is on fostering Trust, which is evident in every engagement we have with our stakeholders.

Sri Aditya Suquares N is bond to deliver beyond the promised quality product with in committed timelines. GreenTech O2 Community is one of the budget friendly prestigious project with premium and unique amenities. We believe in Actions not on Words. with this We are proud to announce that all our customers are satisfied with the product  in the aspect of quality Construction and quality specifications.


Mr. Neeli Sreenivasa Babu commenced his career as a IT Employee in reputed MNC. He later Created this firm in 2012 to establish Sri Aditya Squares N. Today, As the Managing Director of the SRI ADITYA Groups, Mr. Sreenivasa Babu has been Instrumental and spectacular, yet controlled, growth of the Sri Aditya Groups and has grown to be one of the most recognized names and faces of the Real Estate industry. His expertise and experience in different industries made Sri Aditya Groups one of the recognized and leading company in both Telugu states.


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