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Terms & Conditions

  1. If someone signs this Application Form for the buyer(s) /firm/Company, they must provide appropriate documentation like Authorization/Power of Attorney/ Board Resolution if needed. Once signed, the terms and conditions become final and cannot be changed..

  2. In the event that the Developer cannot allocate the chosen villa, they will explore options for an alternative villa/property or refund the deposited amount without interest. However, the Developer will not be responsible for any compensation under these circumstances.

  3. The prospective buyer(s) are solely accountable for adhering to all relevant laws, notifications, and guidelines when purchasing real estate in India.

  4. If the buyer does not pay 10% of the total sale amount within 30 days of booking, the Developer can cancel the reservation and apply a 5% cancellation fee on the total sale amount.

  5. If the Purchaser(s) decide to cancel the Villa booking, a 5% cancellation fee will be applied to the total villa cost (including amenities). The refund, if applicable, will be issued by the Developer upon project completion or upon finding an alternative buyer for the villa, whichever comes first. The Purchaser(s) are not entitled to any additional compensation besides the refund (inclusive of cancellation charges). The payment method used for the refund, whether by cheque or RTGS, will finalize the cancellation process.

  6. The Purchaser(s) agrees to adhere to the Payment Schedule provided and commits to paying interest at a rate of 13% per annum for any delayed payments exceeding 15 days from the due date of each installment. If payments/installments are delayed beyond 3 months, the Developer reserves the right to cancel the booking and allocate it to another party without prior notice to the Purchaser(s). In case of cancellation, a 5% cancellation fee will be deducted from the total Villa Sale Consideration (including Amenities) before refunding the Advance paid by the Purchaser(s).

  7. Any statutory payments made to the Government, along with the accrued interest during the non-payment of installments according to the Payment Schedule, will be refunded only upon securing an alternative buyer for this booking.

  8. If the Agreement of Sale is not finalized between the Purchaser(s) and the Developer within 30 days from the booking date, the Developer retains the right to cancel the reservation and transfer it to a third party without further notice. The refund of the advance payment will be issued after deducting 5% cancellation charges from the total Villa sale amount (including amenities) and any taxes paid to the government.

  9. The Purchaser(s) cannot sell, transfer, or alter the booking(s) until the sale deed is executed in favor of the applicant(s).

  10. Payment must be made via Account Payee Cheque, Demand Draft, or RTGS payable to "Sri Aditya Squares N". In the event of a bounced cheque, a fee of Rs.500/- per return will be applied. Interest will be charged from the due date, and the company may take legal action for recovery.

  11. The Developer retains the primary claim on the Villa until full payment of the sale price and associated fees, as well as completion of all legal requirements.

  12. Before the Sale deed Registration, the Purchaser(s) are required to contribute Rs.50/- Per Sq.ft. towards the Corpus Fund for the complex's long-term maintenance. Upon completion of the one-year maintenance period and the transfer of maintenance responsibilities to the Association, this amount will be transferred to the Association.

  13. The Purchaser(s) are required to pay Rs.36/- Per Sq.ft. on Saleable Area for maintenance charges during the First One year. The Developer will determine the common start date for maintenance of the complex. Initially, the Project will be managed either by the Developer or its designated Maintenance Agency. Maintenance charges will commence after receipt of the Occupation Certificate for the project.

  14. The Purchaser(s) must cover all statutory fees, GST, and other charges imposed by the relevant authorities as per the Company's demands.

  15. Purchasers with NRI/PIO status or foreign nationals must adhere to the requirements outlined in the Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 and other applicable laws regarding this transaction. This may include remitting payments and acquiring property in India. For NRIs, payments must be made from their own NRI account. If payment is made from an NRE or NRO account, PAN Card details must be provided (copy).

  16. Purchasers must register their complete postal address with the Developer during booking. It is their responsibility to inform the Developer of any address changes through registered A.D letter. Failure to do so will result in all demand notices and letters sent to the initial registered address being considered received by the Purchasers. Purchasers will be liable for any payment defaults or consequences arising from this.

  17. If there are joint Purchasers, the Developer will send all communications to the Purchaser whose name appears first in this Application Form, using the address provided by them for mailing. This will be considered served on all applicants, and no separate communication will be required for the other named applicants.

  18. The Purchaser(s) acknowledges and agrees that visiting a Villa under construction is unsafe and agrees not to request permission to visit until it is fully completed. They agree to visit at a predetermined time and comply with all safety procedures and protocols.

  19. The architectural features displayed in the marketing materials, such as elevation, color combinations, or any other aesthetics, are only indicative. The Developer retains the right to alter these features as deemed necessary.

  20. The Purchaser(s) acknowledges and agrees that no requests for modifications or customizations to the Villa, whether minor or major, will be entertained. The Developer will construct the Villa according to the standard specifications outlined in the Agreement of Sale.

  21. Interior works can commence only after the Purchaser(s) takes possession of the Villa. The completion of interior works must occur within three months from the date of possession and can only take place between 8:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. No individuals or interior workers are permitted to reside in the Villa during this time.

  22. The Villa Owners must pay user charges for using facilities like Club amenities, swimming pool, Gym, etc., as determined by the Developer when these facilities are available. These charges apply for the duration that the Developer maintains them.

  23. The Purchaser(s) should note that the Developer may secure Corporate General Purpose Loans or construction finance by mortgaging the project site and hypothecating receivables from sales to Banks/Financial Institutions. The Developer will obtain the necessary No Objection Certificate when executing the Sale Deed for the Purchaser(s) or as required by the Purchaser(s)' bankers.

  24. If any terms and conditions in this Application form conflict with those in the Agreement of Sale or Sale Deed when executed, the terms of the latter documents will prevail over those in this Application.

  25. The Courts at Hyderabad District shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in case of any dispute.

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